Well, you heard me on the air this morning. That means you know I didn't hit it big with the Powerball last night. In fact, nobody here in the Garden State is a new billionaire.

We haven't seen a Powerball winner for quite a few weeks now. Once the jackpot hit a billion dollars, it seems like everyone and their mom was trying to get a piece of that pie. That's common though, wouldn't you say? People who NEVER usually play go out and buy a ticket when the jackpot gets into stupid money.

Unfortunately, billionaire dreams weren't realized here New Jersey this week. Nope. Someone in Los Angeles is now worth quite a hefty chunk of change, though. Doesn't it always seem like it's California that has the big winners? Maybe that's just me, who knows?

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What I do know, however, is that we may not have any new billionaires here in the Garden State this week, but we do have two recent millionaires! Two tickets sold in New Jersey matched all five winning numbers drawn last night. The only number those tickets missed was the Powerball. So, that means New Jersey is home to two more millionaires.

Of course, the money won't be millions after taxes, but it'll still be enough to change somebody's life. Are you rich after winning a million dollars? In today's day and age, I'd have to say no. It is, however, enough to set you up for life. If you invest it properly and pay off all of your debts, you can definitely be sitting pretty after winning $1 million in the Powerball.

Now, the jackpot's set back to $20 million. If you actually won and chose the cash payout option, you'd walk with $10.2 million before taxes. That's decent chunk of change, too. No, it's not a billion, but it's still enough to have a pretty great life.

Happy playing!

Source: Powerball.com

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