Staple stores and restaurants have announced the closure of multiple locations in 2024. Places like Applebee's, Express, and Rue21 have all announced they'll be closing a few, if not all, their locations.

The end of an era, is it not?

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It's a sad day when you hear even more chain restaurants may be following in their footsteps.


Multiple chain restaurants announce closures in 2024

According to published reports, TGI Friday's, Hooters, and Chili's have announced that some locations will be closing up shop in 2024.

Is it any wonder these places are dropping like flies? It's hard to make ends meet these days. With the rising costs of inflation, restaurants need to charge the customers more for food. The problem is that the patrons just can't afford to eat out as much anymore.

When it comes to dining out or rent, maintaining a roof over one's head will always take precedent.

Remember what happened to Boston Market? They basically went out of business and shut down all but a few stores in New Jersey. The only one open in Gloucester County, for example, is the one located on Hurffville Road in Deptford.

The legendary chain that could be headed down that road that I'll miss the most is Chili's. You can hear the Baby Back Rib jingle now, can't you?

Chili's Grill and Bar Baby Back Ribs

With multiple locations shutting down this year, is it possible that Brinker International (Chili's parent company) will be eyeing up NJ stores next?

I, for one, certainly hope not. I LOVE Chili's! I need to get my mix-n-match fajita meal from somewhere, right? Hopefully, the powers-that-be at Chili's will figure something out. In the meantime, let's cross our fingers that they don't target any South Jersey locations.

The list of stores closing in 2024 just keeps growing and growing, look:

Big Brands Closing Locations in 2024

Here is a look at some of our favorite big brands that will be closing locations in an effort to stop losing money at stores that are underperforming.

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