Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. Every TV show and movie is getting a reboot, some successful, some not so much. Over the years businesses have come and gone in South Jersey. They leave a hole in our heart that only a "reboot" can fix. We decided to copy Hollywood and see which South Jersey favorite you would want to "reboot."

We asked you what places you miss most in South Jersey and you came up with our list of South Jersey "reboots." We may have added a few of our own that may make you chuckle. We have a mix of restaurants, both chain and local, and attractions. We need you to choose the ultimate South Jersey "reboot."

So, this is how it's going to work. Now that the college basketball championship is over (congratulations to Villanova) your brackets are all done. We have our very own bracket. There are 16 potential S.J. "reboots" you will vote on each week. We will start with 16, then go to the top 8 (like MySpace), then 4, then 2, then the winner of the S.J. "reboots."

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

Now that we have our bracket ready to go, now it's time for you to vote. Which places would you want to see "rebooted" in South Jersey? If you are on a phone, rotate it to vote.

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