We are down to the last two pizza types. [Insert dramatic music here.]

Our 2020 Ultimate Pizza Bracket is coming to a close and we only have one more week until we find out the best pizza of all time. Am I shocked at the final two? Not even slightly surprised.

We are now left with plain and pepperoni. The final four ended with plain (63.46%) vs. sausage (36.54%) and pepperoni (75%) vs. supreme (25%). Like I said, not shocked.


At this point you should be realizing that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed and completely messed up the final four voting. Should I go back and redo the voting? Probably. Am I going to do that? Absolutely, not. We are just going to just live with my mistakes and accept it. While I pitted sausage and plain against each other, it should have been plain vs. pepperoni and sausage vs. supreme. Oh well.

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So here we go, the final round of voting.

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