No Chris Christie is not playing third base for the New York Mets, but he is going to be on the Board of Directors for the famed franchise. The former governor is a rabid sports fan and is a lifelong Mets fan.

Chris Christie accepted the invitation to join the Mets' Board of Directors from life-long friend, and Mets owner, Steve Cohen. Cohen is a refreshing change to the Mets franchise and so far he has shown a big commitment to turn his franchise into a winning commodity. Christie, as a lifelong fan, will help them do that.

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I think it's pretty cool that Christie got to fulfill a life-long dream of being a part of his favorite franchise. Christie knows sports and filled in on New York sports radio station WFAN. He was also a serious contender for an afternoon show on the station. It's no secret he's also a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, but that's something I cannot forgive.

(WISN 12)
(WISN 12)

He also has family ties to the Mets. Andrew, Christie's son, who was a baseball player at Princeton, is now part of the Mets' staff in a player development role.

I tried to find the perks and compensation for being on the Board of Directors for the Mets, but I could not find anything. Most board members of any major corporation are well compensated. I have to believe Christie will get access to some great seats or a sky-box suite. Good for Chris Christie for fulfilling a life-long dream.

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