Atlantic City, New Jersey continues to do very well with federal funding.

This is largely due to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who has been the greatest friend to Atlantic City since Governor Tom Kean.

It would be wrong to leave former Governor Chris Christie, who implemented the state takeover of Atlantic City, out of this discussion.

Christie provided significant transitional aid, both on the local and school purpose tax levels during his two terms as Governor.

Murphy has taken it to the next level, doing even more. Murphy has creatively managed the significant increase in federal funding received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Atlantic City has received more than its fair share during the Murphy administration.

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New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina, R-2, has effectively crossed the political aisle to work with Governor Murphy to the benefit of Atlantic County’s District 2.

This has become an almost lost art in today’s 50-50 divided nation. However, Murphy and Polistina possess the political philosophy of governance which allows them to put party labels aside for the best interests of New Jersey, whenever possible.

More should follow their lead.

The latest example is the millions of dollars that Atlantic City will receive to help protect against future flooding events.

Here are the details:

Atlantic City will receive $5.12 million, which is specifically dedicated to improving the Baltic Avenue Canal. This investment will make it able to handle the significant stormwater runoff, thereby decreasing the potential flooding.

This is to help prevent similar damage that in 2012 during Super Storm Sandy.

Other New Jersey cities and one New Jersey County that will directly benefit from the $ 39 million in federal flood dollars include:

Bayonne = $2.1 million

Cranford = $3.67 million

Newark = $10.58 million

Rutherford = $4.56 million

Somerset County = $6.75 million

Atlantic City is the only area in the Southern portion of the state to benefit from these millions of dollars in federal funding.

SOURCE: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s office.

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