Many of us remember, yet try to forget, the gruesome death of Temple University Student and Philadelphia native Jenna Burleigh back in August 2017. Philadelphia Inquirer details the full story, with quotes from a witness saying:

“[Jenna's death] sounded terrifying, almost like if you were in a horror movie and a girl screamed, but it was worse."

We won't go into the details, for this Daily Dose of Good is to shine a light on the amazing life that Jenna lived and the people that she brought joy to.

I guess ill never know how the world can be such a scary and dangerous place sometimes. The reality of what happened to you has left me undeniably speechless – no words can describe the feeling I get when I think about you leaving this world so soon. But what I do know is that you didn’t leave without a fight, you never did anything without standing up for what you believed in. You are loved for being so unapologetically yourself, all while teaching others to do the same. The magnitude of your presence in a room was never unnoticed – I can still here your obnoxious laugh from miles away JBurl. As much as I hate to finally admit it, you always were Curtis’s favorite student – and it’s quite obvious all the reasons why. Promise you’ll leave a little glitter down here for the rest of us, shine bright my angel. ✨🌈😇

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In which case, friends and loved ones of Jenna have created an event called Benifest, a non-profit organization and concert festival, set out bring people together through music in order to educate people about causes that may normally be overlooked.

Benifest was founded by Mason Payonk, who had dedicated Benifest 3 to a foundation stated by the family of Jenna Burleigh called Jenna's Blessing Bag, where donations and ticket sales will be used purchase, assemble and distribute backpacks filled with living necessities to those affected by homelessness.

The event starts at 7pm on April 5th, so please help us spread the word about a great cause in memory of an even greater person.

Credit: Kassidy Mason
Credit: Kassidy Mason

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