Here you go, another reason to go to Target more often.

Target has announced they are making big changes to their stores in New Jersey and across the nation.

Target Posts Drop In Sales, First Since 2016
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Here's the one thing Target is doing in their stores to make a difference

Target has announced they are lowering prices on about 5,000 of their most popular items.

Target has announced that some price reductions have already taken place, with more that you'll start to by Memorial Day on everyday items. Even more items will be reduced throughout the summer. The company says its goal is to reduce prices on what people need to buy for their households, for the summer, and for the back-to-school season.

Target is promising to reduce prices on national brands, Target-owned brands, and more.

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Target Mays Landing, NJ
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What items will see lower prices?

Target says you'll soon see lower prices on items such as " milk, meat, bread, soda, fresh fruit and vegetables, snacks, yogurt, peanut butter, coffee, diapers, paper towels, pet food, and more. "

Quite a change as the trend for seemingly every retailer has been to increase prices.

Target has over 2,000 stores worldwide, including over 50 stores in New Jersey.

SOURCE: Target

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