Animal lovers usually melt at any and all heartwarming videos of dogs, right?

Any video featuring an animal showing feeling turns animal lovers' hearts to mush.

That might change if you saw a wild coyote playing with your family pet.

How would you feel if you looked at your Ring camera and saw a random coyote had showed up in your yard and just started innocently playing with your beloved family dog? You'd probably freak out, right? I know I would.

Not that any of us here in the Garden State have to worry about anything like that on a daily basis, but there are, in fact, coyotes all over the place these days.

Heck, if people are claiming to see everything from Bigfoot to black panthers and mountain lions, anything is possible, right?

Apparently, it's more possible to come across a sight like this than we think.

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There has been a video circulating around social media recently featuring a lone coyote that made its way into people's backyards and wound up having an innocent playdate with the dog. Not only that, but it would randomly show up on people's porches and even have the courage to walk right up to people while they were walking their dogs through the neighborhood.

It sounds terrifying, right? Truth be told, it probably was. At least somebody had the knowledge to realize that something wasn't quite right with this little guy.

Luckily, he was able to be captured and safely relocated to a sanctuary. They called him Carmine. The folks at Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary were finally able to rehabilitate him so that Carmine could meet and connect with one of his own, a female coyote named Wilee.

It's a good ending for Carmine. He's a coyote who could have been killed for randomly strolling into people's yards looking for companionship. The folks at the wildlife sanctuary have confirmed that he and Wilee get along and will remain there for the rest of their lives.

Check out the full video below:

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