With the state of the world right now, you can't get enough of cute animal videos, am I right?

If you're a bleeding heart like I am, then you're not going to want to miss a minute of this adorable little turtle's story. She's appropriately named 'Hope'. Hope was born with a rare condition that caused her heart to be exposed. Hope found a human that didn't care that she was 'just a turtle'. Her human dad intended to do whatever it took for Hope to make it.

For starters, Hope's dad had to make sure the tank was kept clean at all times. Since Hope's heart is exposed, she's highly susceptible to infection if bad bacteria begin to grow in her water. So, Hope's dad had to commit to cleaning the tank more frequently than the average turtle owner.

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Hope's dad even fed her with tongs so she could eat. The two bonded pretty quickly, which became evident every time Hope got excited when her dad walked in the room. She would flail her arms and legs around in excitement upon realizing he was back. In the video, Hopes dad even explains that at the first sign of his presence in the room, Hope will immediately make her way to the front of the tank.

At a year and a half old, Hope's come such a long way and it's all thanks to someone who had a big enough heart to realize she deserved her shot at life.



Source: The Dodo via Facebook


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