No one can deny the opioid epidemic that the country faces today. New Jersey is not exempt.

Many people point to prescription painkillers as the source of the rise in addiction. CVS Pharmacy is now taking steps to end this epidemic.

The pharmacy will be limiting prescriptions to a 7-day supply. This will not apply to all cases.

A prescription will now grant patients with short-term pain a 7-day supply of opioid painkillers. CVS hopes to prevent patients from becoming dependent on these opioids. In addition to limiting the pills they receive, pharmacists will speak with patients about the correlation between opioid prescriptions and addiction, disposal of the pills, and storage in their homes.

On average doctor's prescribe an 18 day supply, which is up from 2005 when it was a 13 day supply with prescription.

According to the chief medical officer for CVS Health, Dr. Troyen Brennan, "We have some situations, in which we feel that there are certain physicians who are prescribing way too high of doses and way too strong of medications."

Dr. Brennan believes if they restrict the amount of pills a patient receives, it will lower the risk of addiction.

The amount they limit will be based on how strong the medication is. The pharmacy will also give immediate-release before extended-release, which will also lower the risk of addiction.


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