So, you thought "School House Rock" was ahead of its time....

A Danish TV Network has launched a new children's show that features a main character "with a penis so enormous, he can barely control it." (Yes, please insert your own jokes here....)

For some reason, his very long male appendage is red and white stripped. Dare I describe it as "candy-cane-like"?

The show is called "John Dillermand." I don't know the Danish translation of the word, "Dillermand", but I can only guess....

WAIT! I found it! According to

“diller” means “penis” in Danish, and “Dillermand” translates to “penis-man”

Who thought this would be a good idea for a kid's show?

You probably don't speak Danish either, but I think you can easily figure out what's happening...


Now, believe it or not, not everyone is happy about a kid's TV show starring a man with a very long penis. You'll find some hilarious comments - both for and against the show - on the network's Facebook page.

Not much else to say, but again, insert your own jokes here.


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