Is it just me or is it extremely depressing to see the back to school advertisements and sections in store right after the 4th of July?

Let's start by saying I know that there is a reason behind stores pushing back to school and Christmas shopping earlier and earlier. I get it, it's a marketing thing. However, don't you think that sometimes there is such a thing as too early?

I went into Target a few weeks back and was greeted by a big yellow pencil suspended from the ceiling. As I got to the seasonal section, the summer stuff was out and a sea of yellow cardboard bins and displays assailed my eyes.

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

Now I love a 0.50 cent notebook as much as the next person, but even for a stationary loving person like me this is just all too much.

I loved back to school shopping. I'm not just talking about the back to school clothes shopping, I LOVED buying notebooks, pens, folders, pencils, and paper. I mean I still do...

However, summer isn't over. The summer seasonal sections are gone. How can I buy my fire pit or outdoor cushions? I don't want a 0.97 cent pencil holder. I want the lifestyle outdoor setup.

I get it, some college kids go back next month and they need school supplies too. I also get it that in other states they go back to school in August, but here in New Jersey we have two months. (I mean two months from when I first saw that gigantic yellow pencil, not now)

So stores, take a chill pill and let me enjoy the summer while it is here. I'm still trying to get my beach days in and your over there pushing pumpkin spice scented erasers.

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