The Cape May community has always been one to remember the words of Charles Dickens: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  Which is why, when it comes to one of their own in need, they help out with a force stronger then no other.

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Twenty-eight year old Jerry Griffin is very well known in Cape May. Whether you know him as, Mr. Griff  (Phys. Ed. teacher at Mitnick), Bartender at the Washington Inn, Helen's Fiance, coach or friend-- he needs our help.

Back in February , Jerry had a blood clot go to his brain causing 2 strokes. And as scary as that already is, he was airlifted to Cooper where despite treatment, he had two more strokes.

At the time of this hardship, friends, family, students and loved ones of Jerry came together to make a Go-Fund-Me Page that would help keep the Griffin family afloat while Jerry was out of work and in the hospital facing medical bills.

As of today, in just 4 short months, the community has come together and raised over $97,000 in order to help Jerry and his family. The initial goal was set at $100K and they're almost there, and can get there with YOUR help!

Credit: TJ Belasco via

With many prayers, positive thoughts and financial support, Jerry was discharged from rehab about a month ago.  He will be continuing his recovery at home & will be receiving physical, occupational, & speech therapies on an outpatient basis.

Jerry would like everyone to know that he is extremely grateful for the support and is blown away by the way the community came together to show their love.  One of the amazing things about Cape May and Lower Twp. is the sense of community, and how to support each other when one is in need.

If you would like to continue to show your support and love for Jerry, and would like to help the Cape May community reach their $100K goal, then you can comment, like, share and DONATE to help spread the word!

If you know someone who is in need or is doing a #DailyDoseofGood, send us a message to our Facebook page with YOUR story!

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