It's no secret that the summer is when the money's made for all the beach towns here in the Garden State. With the influx of tourists headed to their favorite seaside spot, the municipalities know that they're in for a pretty big payday.

One of the shore towns that had a pretty nice payday from the summer of 2023 is Ocean City. Not only did they raise the prices of their beach tags for the 2023 summer season, but they also increased the parking fees for people wishing to make some day trips to the beach. So, not only did the beach tags for daily and weekly visits basically double, but add onto that the additional costs for parking, and families had to pay a pretty penny to spend the day in Ocean City this summer.

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Some people have come out and said that Ocean City was "too greedy" this year. How do they figure? Well, considering it's the taxpayers that pay for Ocean City beach replenishment, not just the city itself, some have expressed that all the price hikes have rubbed them the wrong way since the city already makes an arm and leg off of them from the taxes taken out to restore the beach every year.

The beaches in Ocean City are technically public beaches. Do you feel that Ocean City's being greedy with how much they're now charging just to access the beach for a day? People are starting to fear that middle-class families may soon be priced out of bringing their crew to OCNJ. Considering the city reportedly brought in 52% more revenue this year from beach tags alone, that's not too crazy of a thought to have.


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