Bopping around the Internet, I found myself constantly running into an ad by Cottonelle Bath Tissue.

Bath tissue? Uh, that's the fancy word for toilet paper.

Cottonelle has come out with a cover for your spare toilet paper rolls. Yeah, just what I needed. No more letting your spare toilet paper rolls just sit around naked in your bathroom. Now, you can cover them up, like a little Christmas present. Just imaging your guests snooping around your bathroom, discovering the joy that you have hidden under these fabulous covers!

Fabulous, indeed! It says that the covers were designed by Johnathon Adler! Johnathon Adler!!!! Wait - who's Johnathon Adler?

Naturally, I googled Mr. Adler, and, according to his own website, he is a "modern master." His site says: "Ceramist, decorator, merchant and style guru Jonathan Adler holds a singular position in the ongoing evolution of modern design."

I, for one, am very impressed that Mr. Adler's website sports such a high opinion of Mr. Adler....

In all honesty, Adler appears to be a successful artist of some sort. Though I am not familiar with his work, he at least appears to be somebody. That being said, I can't help to wonder how his designing of toilet paper roll covers came about.

"Mr. Adler, line one! It's the people over at Cottonelle. They love your designs and want to hire you!"

Is designing toilet paper covers the pinnacle for the modern artist? Is this the top of the mountain? Where does Adler go from here? Designing bicycle helmets, perhaps?

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