The way you hang your toilet paper really says a lot about a person. People have been in fights over it. Relationships have suffered because of the arguments that have broken out over this hot button issue. Should your toilet paper be hung with the end over or under the rest of the roll?

We asked and you answered. We have the official answer as to which is the undisputed correct way to hang your toilet paper. The vast majority seems to agree that the ONLY way the toilet paper should be hung is over.

The responses to this all important question teetered on the line of hysterical. Who knew a question proposed to adults about something related to the bathroom would end up being so funny? Okay, we knew.

Among the funny, were also responses that were actually useful.

Then there were the people that were wrong.

The vast majority of the answers though fell on the side of over. So that settles it, the only way to hang your toilet paper is over.

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