Sometimes football came bring people together and sometimes watching football games can end up in fist fights.

Whether watching the game live at a stadium or out at a bar, fans of opposing teams have been known to get in each other's faces no matter what the reason.

Some fans are more obnoxious than others, some are just downright awful! With Super Bowl LIII right around the corner, came up with a list ranking how obnoxious each NFL team's fans are. Here's where our local teams ended up out of all the 32 teams in the NFL. The lower the number, the more obnoxious the fans are.

#8- The team that's been having a rough couple of years, the New York Giants. Which is probably why their fans are a little obnoxious. The writers of this article must be Giant's fans because there really isn't too many bad things to say about their fans. I do know first hand, that they can get a little rowdy, but that's because they think their team is from the greatest city in the world.

#5- Last year's Super Bowl champions, our very own Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia has always been known to have extreme fans. When they win, they light up their city, when they lose, they light up their city, (literally, they've set their city on fire). They are extreme to the max and will pick a fight with anyone who doesn't think their team is number #1. There's even a jail inside the stadium for obvious reasons and it's pretty poppin' during regular season games.

#4- The New York Jets- These fans have such dedication to their team, and don't always have the winning season to match their dedication. If you try and talk smack about their team, they will shout a J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! chant in your face. And with super fans like Jetman and Fireman Ed pumping them up and usually leading those chants, they're bound to get a little rowdy.

Check out the rest of the list and see what other NFL teams have extremely obnoxious fans! I don't think you'll be surprised at #1!

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