Oh the early 2000s, the days of MySpace, AIM, and the Sidekick phone. It was also the time of the cell phone search company ChaCha.

Do you remember ChaCha? You would text a question to 242-242 and within a little bit you got your answer. I've often wondered how the service worked and now I have my answer. I have to say now I am a little embarrassed by my questions.

If you don't know how ChaCha worked, you would text a question to the phone number 242-242 or "ChaCha". Do you remember having to hit keys multiple times to get to the letter you wanted? T9 for life... Anyway, you would text the question and a little while later you would get an answer texted back to you. The text would also include a link to the ChaCha website, which you NEVER clicked.

I never knew that the service used real people to answer your questions, which brings us to why it's embarrassing. People used ChaCha like Siri, you asked dumb or inappropriate questions for fun. Now knowing there was a real person answering the questions makes you blush a little bit.

Unfortunately ChaCha no longer answers your burning questions. I tried...

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

Honestly, that's sad and a relief at the same time. I was hoping it would work, but at the same time I am happy it didn't because I would have fallen into a ChaCha black hole.

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