I've heard of drunk texting before. You know when you either tell off or try to get back with your ex? Many people do it, but it isn't fun the next morning.

Do people text when they are semi-conscious as they fall asleep?

To answer that question, apparently I do.

Yesterday afternoon I went to text my brother and noticed something very peculiar. A text message from 12:43 in the morning that I had sent him. However, this wasn't a normal text message. This wasn't a "hey" or "how are you" or a normal question one would ask their brother. Nope, it was very concerning.

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

Yes, you read that right. At 12:43 Sunday morning I texted my brother Keenan, "Did you order the hens?"


Why on earth was I thinking about hens at almost 1 o'clock in the morning? Why did I ask my brother if he ordered them? Was I dreaming about hens, woke up, and texted him? I have so many questions here.

Has this every happened to you?

I later found out that my text message made perfect sense. As I was writing this I asked my brother about it and he told me I was asking about the Cornish hens he was going to get for Christmas from work.

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