What time is it? Does it matter?

For weeks now, or is it months - or even years - the time has not been right on the sign at the CVS on the corner on West Jersey and English Creek Avenues in Egg Harbor Township.

Can't they fix it? Do they want to fix it? Does anybody care?

Each time I drive by the CVS I compare the time with the time on my car's clock or cell phone. It's never right. Never.

They change the message on the sign all the time. Can't they fix the time when they change the message?

Is it that no one knows how - or is it that no one cares?

I thought there was something in their motto or slogan about caring, isn't there?  Don't they care about the time?

I often wonder if there are people who actually use the "CVS Clock" to get to work on time. If so, how long ago did they get fired?

C'mon, CVS, get back on time!

This somebody really does know what time it is, and this somebody does really care!

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