The threat of a rainy night won't deter at least 50 people from sleeping outside in Atlantic City tonight for a good cause.

Tonight's the night for the Covenant House's annual Sleep Out. People will be sleep out to raise money for the Covenant House, which helps homeless youth.

According to their website, the Covenant House "serves these kids every year, in dozens of cities across six countries, but every day brings another knock on our door another tired, cold, frightened child looking for safety and comfort, looking for a chance for something better than the hard, lonely streets."

What does the sleep out entail?

The Sleep Out does include taking a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag into a parking lot or along a strip of sidewalk. But the Sleep Out is not about pretending to be homeless. It’s about showing a group of kids unconditional love and absolute respect - proving that you care enough about them to be uncomfortable for one night, to be vulnerable for their sake.

Monies raised from the event will help keep "the lights on and the doors open for the thousands of kids who will seek help this year."

According to the website, the effort has already raised almost $150,000.

Some of the people are participating as teams. One such team is Main Street Hair Salon in Mays Landing. Diane Mancuso. Martina Santana, and Marean Thomas are on the team and will be sleeping out tonight. Their team is still trying to raise money and note that donations can be made today at their salon at 6066 Main Street in Mays Landing. The salon's Facebook page also has information about making a donation.

According to Santana, "We will be trading in the comforts of our home for a cardboard box and sleeping bag."

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