Local officials are saying that a drone "No-Fly-Zone" will be in effect Tuesday and Wednesday in Atlantic City and the surrounding area.

The reason: lots of low-flying flight activity connected to the annual Atlantic City Airshow.

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The airshow is scheduled for Wednesday in the city, but Tuesday is expected to be a busy air-day as well, as pilots practice and prepare for the big day.

According to the Atlantic City Office of Emergency Management, air space restrictions will call for the halting of not only drones and planes, but activities like parasailing and kite-flying.

(Yeah, if you're parasailing on the ocean, you really don't want to be facing a jet flying at you at 800 mph!)

The restricted area is basically a 10 miles radius of the air show, which takes place over the beach and boardwalk of Atlantic City. According to the Office of Emergency Management, the restriction includes everywhere from Brigantine to Longport.

This is the 18th year for the air show and the 18th year that the restrictions have been put into place.

Practice is expected to occur Tuesday from 10;30am - 5pm, while the Air Show itself begins Wednesday at 10:30am, and is expected to run until 5pm.

(We assume the person who complained on social media recently about "airport noise" is not going to be a happy camper this coming week....)

SOURCE: Atlantic City Office of Emergency Management and the Atlantic City Police Department.

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