A lot of people are victims of scams. It's very sad.

What's really sad, though, is when a whole New Jersey city is scammed!

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There's a thing that called "Sister City." Cities, often in different countries, connect and sometimes, it results in an exchange of ideas, culture and even commerce. Sometimes it's more ceremonial than anything else.

Here in New Jersey, sister city agreements exist between Atlantic City and Caboug, France; Elizabeth and Kitami,Japan; Lakewood and Bnei Brak, Israel; Toms River and Matera, Italy. Many other cities have them too. (Don't feel bad if you're never heard of these connections - not many people have.)

Well, along comes Newark, New Jersey. They received a "sister city" pitch from the Hindu nation of Kailasa.

Newark's brain-trust said, "Sure, why not?"

A big ceremony was held, papers were signed and it was all moving forward.

Then, according to CBS New York, someone decided to Google "Kailasa."

Hmmm, you wonder why no one bothered to Google it earlier.

Kailasa is all made up - by a scammer!

Hey, watch out for scams. Even you guys in city hall!


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