I was driving home from spending an afternoon at the beach in Brigantine yesterday when I was met with an overwhelming amount of traffic for 6:30 at night. I'll admit, I don't usually have to deal with rush hour since I work abnormal, odd hours compared to the majority of people here in Atlantic County.

I was traveling westbound on the Black Horse Pike when I was suddenly alerted that an extra 10 minutes had been added to my commute. Next thing I knew, two more minutes had been added, then four, then a total of 16 minutes we added to my overall commute time from the beach to home. Since I'm normally home for good from whatever I have going on that day around 5:15p at the latest, I was getting antsy and anxious, to say the least.

I was surprised when I approached Leipzig Avenue where the McDonald's sits right across from the Hamilton Mall to see about eight police cars and two fire trucks on the right side of the road. Little did I know that a few more feet ahead of me, there was a HUGE emergency that was being dealt with.

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Now, we know that the first responders were congregated on that part of the Black Horse Pike due to a fire that had broken out in the Woodlands Condominiums in Mays Landing. Not only was there a huge presence of first responders on the BHP itself, but when I drove by and peeked my head into the Woodlands entrance, I could see even more police, fire trucks, and ambulances. Clearly, something was very wrong.

Apparently, a condo fire broke out in the late afternoon hours of Wednesday, August 23rd. Unfortunately, an end-unit was badly damaged. The Cologne Volunteer Fire Department was there with their ladder trucks, as well as the Laureldale company. No reports yet of any injuries, so that's good news at this point.

A video shows just how many people had to evacuate their homes and congregate in the parking lot while first responders battled the blaze. Watch it below:

Source: Youtube

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