You never realize just how lucky you are to be in the Garden State until hunger strikes. It's then and only then that you're thanking God that you have your pick of any cuisine under the sun.

It cannot be argued that when it comes to food, New Jersey is the place to be.


New Jersey's eclectic restaurant scene

New Jersey's food scene is incredibly diverse, reflecting the cultural tapestry of its residents. Those of us who live here are lucky we get to experience so many different backgrounds and heritages through food. To summarize the food vibes here in the Garden State, it's pretty simple.

1.) Diners:


New Jersey is famous for our diners. They have everything from comfort foods like pancakes and omelets to burgers and milkshakes. These diners often stay open late and are staples in the local communities.

2.) Italian Cuisine:


With a large Italian-American population, Italian cuisine thrives in the Garden State. You'll find authentic pizza, pasta, and delis offering fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and other Italian specialties almost anywhere you go.

3.) Seafood:


Thank goodness for the beaches! They're why seafood plays a significant role in New Jersey's culinary landscape. From fried fish and shrimp to upscale seafood restaurants serving fresh catches, there's something for every seafood-lover.

4.) Food Festivals:


Throughout the year, NJ hosts some pretty amazing food festivals celebrating everything from BBQ and chili to ethnic cuisines like Greek, Indian, and Polish foods. These are great opportunities to sample a variety of flavors in one place.

5.) Farm-to-Table:


The Garden State lives up to its nickname by boasting a robust agricultural scene. Yes, farms still exist in NJ. Many restaurants take advantage of locally grown produce, meats, and dairy products, emphasizing freshness and supporting local farmers.

6.) Innovation and Fusion:


Some restaurants in New Jersey push the usual culinary boundaries by blending different cuisines or putting unique spins on classic dishes. This innovation keeps the food scene dynamic and exciting for both locals and visitors.

With all those options, is it any wonder that we can never figure out where to go to grab a bite? There's just so many places to choose from!

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According to the folks over at US Foods, that's actually the problem. A recent report reveals that it can take up to 10 minutes for the average American to make their minds up regarding where to eat. Once at the restaurant, almost 80% of people can't seem to make a decision about their entrée.

65% of diners say attractive menus impact their ordering decisions and 87% spend more time exploring a physical menu versus a QR code menu.

Although the more choices one has, the more complicated it can be, no doubt all of NJ is thankful for the state's amazing foodie scene.

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