New Jersey is the foremost leader in the free world of diners.  Hands down.  But, being from the South, I'm partial to Waffle House and Huddle House.

Waffle House is my #1.

Huddle House was always in 2nd place.  In college, if Waffle House was too packed after a long night bar-hoping, we went to Huddle House.

And it was always delicious.  But Waffle House it was not.

And now East Orange, New Jersey is home to the state's very first Huddle House.

I wish it was a Waffle House, but hey.

Huddle House, or Waffle House for that matter, will never replace a good 'ol Jersey diner.  But for my nostalgic heart, I can't wait to take a trip north to try Huddle House!

Huddle House

539 Main Street

East Orange, NJ


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