Can you even mention the 90s without talking about TY's Beanie Babies?


They were everyone's favorite mini stuffed animals. With one for every occasion and so many to choose from, you could receive a Beanie Baby as a gift for every holiday and be happy as a clam every time.

Most people probably got rid of their Beanie Babies once they grew out of playing with stuffed animals. If your mom didn't dump them once you moved out for college, you might need to make a run, not walk, for her garage. If you own this combination of Beanie Babies, congratulations! You're now basically a millionaire. No, seriously. compiled a list of the most valuable Beanie Babies still floating around Ebay.

Check it out:


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    Peace Beanie Baby

  • Ebay

    Hippity Beanie Baby

    This rare beanie baby, Hippity, is currently listed on EBay for $60k. Who would even think to spend the kind of dough on a stuffed animal? Apparently, someone.

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    Bubbles Beanie Baby

    He's another big one. Coming in at almost $150k, if you have this guy laying around, you could be sitting on a HUGE down payment for a house.

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    Princess Diana Bear

    Everyone had one of these beauties. The commemorative beanie baby made to honor the late Princess Diana was one of the most coveted bears of the 1990s. They were supposed to be really rare, although it didn't seem that way since everyone had one.

    What makes a Princess Diana bear worth money today is if it comes with an Authenticity Certificate like this one does. This particular bear is listed for over $60,000 on Ebay currently.

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    Ariel Bear

    Ariel Bear was a rare beanie created in memory of a little girl named Ariel who died in the 1980s as a result of complications from AIDS. She designed the logo on the bear. The poem inside is dedicated to her and children everywhere who are dealing with similar health issues.

    This bear, along with the others included in the set, were listed for almost $600,000. Yes, you read that right. The set was located in Lawrence Township, NJ and on Ebay for $589,000.