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As the weather is getting cooler and cooler, parents are looking for different ways to keep their kids entertained in the house. In a world with smartphones, video games, and television it is getting more important to find things encourage creativity. Toy makers are getting better at blending hands-on toys with modern-day technology. They are making toys that will allow kids to thrive in a technology based world.

These 6 toys are a great alternative to video games to keep kids entertained and let their creativity run wild.

  • Klutz via
    Klutz via

    Let them create movies.

    Many kids spend a lot of time on YouTube and dream of being a "YouTuber." Lego has partnered with Klutz to create a kit for kids to make their own stop motion movies. Buy Now

  • Snap Circuits via
    Snap Circuits via

    Get them into STEM.

    Schools and youth organizations are offering more and more STEM oriented programs. The Snap Circuits Jr. allows kids to learn about engineering with 100 different projects. Buy Now

  • Crazy Forts via
    Crazy Forts via

    Have them build their own fort.

    What kid doesn't love a pillow fort? Instead of grabbing the couch cushions, Crazy Forts offers a fort making kit, all you need are the blankets. Buy Now

  • BabySeater via
    BabySeater via

    Keep them occupied in the car.

    Rather than handing a child a smartphone or game system, this tray has a built in whiteboard and plenty of pockets to store activities. Buy Now

  • LEGO via
    LEGO via

    Let LEGO teach them how to code.

    Coding is becoming increasingly important in the professional world. Learning to code as a kid will set them up for a future world where the only jobs humans do is code. Buy Now

  • Angels via
    Angels via

    Let them use their imagination.

    I felt compelled to end this with an absolute classic. Buy Now

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