Cue the nostalgia.

Millennials are about to be beside themselves with the recent surge of some of the best childhood toys from their generation. It's starting to look like this year's Christmas shopping might involve a little more personal spending; can't say we blame them.

After all, these toys literally define what it means to be a 90s baby.

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    Polly Pockets

    I'm sure you've let countless hours go by on your playroom floor playing with Polly Pockets. Well, they're back with a vengeance this Christmas. When you're out shopping, make sure take note of the Polly Pocket Go Tiny Room Playset.

  • 2

    Hungry Hungry Hippos

    This game was no doubt one of the most popular games of the 90s. Who really knows what the appeal is, but it warms a millennial heart to see that it's still so beloved by the next generations.

  • 3


    Maybe there's a been a resurgence of slime (sometimes known as Gak or Splat) since the DIY version has become so popular due to the rise of Pinterest. Who knows? But, requests to play with some Slime have increased astronomically over the last three years.

  • 4

    Razor Scooters

    Razor scooters are so great because they're super fun and easy to transport. Check out what's new with them here!

  • 5


    Last but certainly not least, everyone's favorite 90s digital pet is back in a big way. You may have read recently that people were shocked to see the return of Bandai's famous Tamagotchis to the shelves in the past few weeks.

    If it's not requested by the kids, you definitely know all the 90s babies will be purchasing them for themselves this holiday season.

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