Ahhh, the 90s. What a decade. It's the decade in which Tim McGraw, the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, and Shania all reigned supreme.

It was a time to be alive. Some of the most notable 90s memories are Beanie Babies, Girl Bands, Clueless, and... Pepsi commercials?? You may not remember right away, but as soon as you watch these videos, that little bell in your head will go "ding ding ding".

If you were older than the age of 6 by 1998, then there's absolutely no way you didn't catch a glimpse of this little curly-haired cutie. She goes by the name of Hallie Eisenberg and she's most famous for being a 90s staple. Why? She rose to fame via a series of extremely successful Pepsi commercials. To be honest, it's extremely likely that 'the Pepsi Girl' campaign might've been one their most successful of that decade.

You couldn't turn on your TV without seeing one of her adorable lip-sync diddies or one where she was interacting with some of the biggest athletes of that era. Remember the commercial featuring little Hallie doing some Aretha Franklin?

Now that you remember who she is, brace yourself for this slightly-disturbing fact. That little curly cue that we know and love is almost 30 years old! She turns 27 today, so it was only right that we highlight her permanent place in 90s pop culture history.

Enjoy some more of her most adorable commercials:

Source: Youtube.com

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