Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is taking some time away from the game following his wife Tori’s miscarriage.

Nick had been absent from this week’s organized team activities with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Foles left the Eagles for the Jaguars on a four-year, $91 million contract in March.

On Tuesday, head coach Doug Marrone announced Nick was missing for personal reasons, according to NFL Network.

One day later, Tori opened up about the family’s tragedy on Instagram, explaining she went into “sudden labor” on Sunday at only 15 weeks pregnant while battling pneumonia.

Tori, Nick, and their daughter Lily James were spending a weekend with Philadelphia Eagles coach Press Taylor and his wife Brooklyn Scheer.

“Early Sunday morning after a rough couple days fighting a “virus” of some sort, I went into sudden labor and knew something was wrong.”

“Not long after we learned we had miscarried our baby boy. To fully labor and deliver and even see our baby boy was a pretty devastating process.”

“Come to find that I had contracted an infection of pneumonia in the blood." (A serious complication of bacteria phenomena is that the bacteria can enter the bloodstream which can cause a person to go into septic shock and organ failure.)

Tori said she is trying to come to terms with what happened: “The emotions go back and forth from immense and overwhelming sadness, confusion and anger to a firm belief that God has this fully in his hands and will use this for good.”

“We cannot always understand or explain, but we know that is true.”

“We’ve endured some unique challenges as a couple so far, but never quite knew what something like this felt like and now we do. We have so much compassion and sensitivity to those who have gone through a miscarriage at any point and in any circumstance."

She went on to explain that she is now home from the hospital and “recovering physically from the infection with antibiotics as well as emotionally from this traumatic loss.”

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