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While it's technically not even mid-November yet, there's no doubt you holiday shopping list already includes more people than you thought.

If you're someone that retains stress when you can't scratch things off your to-do list, then waiting for the Christmas party to distribute gifts most likely drives you up a wall. Have you ever thought about distributing some of those gifts on Thanksgiving?

Sure, it's an unconventional idea, but it's still the holiday season, right? There's got to be SOMEONE on your list that could receive their Christmas present a bit early. What if you gifted your Thanksgiving host with their present? Even better, what if you gave the host something they could actually use to host Thanksgiving???


With these four gift ideas (for adults 21+), get ready mark "check" next to at least four people on your holiday shopping list.

  • 1

    Stemless Wine Glasses

    Show up to Thanksgiving dinner and insist that the host or hostess open their Christmas gift a bit early. Once they do, they'll be happy they did. Everyone's in search of a wine glass during the night. The more, the merrier.

  • 2

    Zulay Premium Wine Decanter

    If you were asked to bring wine to the feast, then you know another person on your list will have a wine bottle in hand that night. Gift them the Zulay Premium Wine Decanter so they can give it a whirl before December even begins.

  • 3

    Funny Coasters

    If you haven't caught on by now, anything that can be gifted then followed up with the sentence "You could even use it tonight," is what you need to think about here. Hence the reason these coasters would make a great gift for either the Thanksgiving host or a fellow attendee.

  • 4

    Checkers Shot Glass Bar Game

    What's Thanksgiving without a little fun, right? This checkers set isn't the ordinary board. Every time you get jumped, take a shot! Only downside to this gift is you'll have to wash the glasses if more people want to play.

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