Recently, ranked the top 31 greatest burgers in the entire state of New Jersey, with multiple burger joints in South Jersey making the list put together by writer Peter Genovese.

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These four spots, three from Atlantic and one in Cumberland County stood out, making the list of the Top 31 in the entire state of New Jersey.

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First up, at no. 31 on the list is the Broski burger, at
Kook Burger in Brigantine.

The Broski Burger here, with bacon, jalapeños, goat cheese and sriracha mayo, has more personality and fire than the standard Kook Burger.

Kook burger is at 3101 Revere Blvd Unit B in Brigantine.

The next burger up comes in at No. 22 on the list, the Big Schmacc Burger at Tony Beef in Galloway.

The Big Schmacc features two beef patties, American cheese, homemade sauce, lettuce, pickles and diced white onions. It’s a handful.

Tony Beef has two locations one in Galloway at 195 S New York Rd and the other one in Somers Point in the Ocean Heights Plaza at 17 Bethel Rd.

At No. 19 on the list is the Viking burger at Vagabond Kitchen and Taphouse in Atlantic City, which is named for the Atlantic City high school mascot, the Vikings.

The Vagabond viking burger is a hefty handful; dig the Vagabond name imprinted on the bun. Order the burger, a side of fries with the sriracha mayo dipping sauce, and a cold one, and you’re all set.

Vagabond Atlantic City is located at 672 N Trenton Ave, Atlantic City and their other location is in EHT, where the Viking burger is called the Eagle burger, for Egg Harbor Township high school mascot, the Eagles.

The highest-ranking burger from our area on the list, comes in at No. 13, the Smokehouse burger at Outlaw’s Burger Bar in Vineland.

The “most wanted” burger is the smokehouse, topped with onion rings, bacon and house-made barbecue sauce.

Outlaw Burger Bar is located at 1370 S Main Rd in Vineland.

These are four burgers you should try this summer, where are some of your favorite places?  Let us know, send me an e-mail at

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