When you think of New Jersey, you think of great food.

Well, you're not wrong, there are a ton of great food options all throughout the state, but down south we do it just a little differently.

When ranking the best subs in the state, yes subs, not hoagies, these places stood out to the website Tastingtable.com, which ranked the 11 best subs in the state of New Jersey.

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The cool thing about this list?  Four of the top 10 are from South Jersey, including three in the Top 5.

Starting things off at No. 6 on the list, is one of my favorites, the cheesesteak at Sugar Hill Sub Shop in Mays Landing.

Sugar Hill Sub Shop is home to the self-proclaimed "fattest subs in South Jersey" — or at least that's what the sign outside says. We won't challenge that, either, because some of these are true behemoths. The highlight of the menu has to be the regular ol' cheesesteak.

The article mentions their variety of cheesesteak options, but I will concur that the plain cheesesteak is the best cheesesteak.  While I may have been late to the party trying this one, I had my first one about three years ago, it's a spot I will drive out of my way to pick up.

Next up at No. 4 on the list, is the Deluxe Italian at Bagliani's in Hammonton.

It contains two types of salami, two types of capicola, prosciutto, provolone, and — drumroll please — marinated eggplant (which differentiates it from the regular Italian). That might seem like too much, but trust us; it's not.

I love going to Hammonton for lunch, the choices are endless, but this sandwich is on another level.  When I saw this on the list, I knew the list was valid.

The sandwich is served on an Atlantic City-style roll and has more flavor than your mouth will know what to do with, but do yourself a favor, and get this sandwich at least one time in your life.

At No. 3 on the list is the cheesesteak Ole from Tony Baloney's in Atlantic City.

We've already had a cheesesteak on this list, but how about a Mexican one? Tony Boloney's Ole' is the fusion sub you never knew you needed. It takes everything great about a typical cheesesteak — namely that it's a large sandwich filled with delicious beef — and adds ingredients like Mexican string cheese, chipotle sauce, and fried onions. This isn't a complicated sandwich, but simplicity and execution result in a sub that's utterly craveable.

I have had this cheesesteak quite a few times, if I am going out of my comfort zone, which is a plain cheesesteak with mixed cheese, this is the one I will go for. When I lived on the island, I would always call Tony Baloney's for delivery and this was usually my order.


Coming in at No. 2 in the state is a classic, the White House Special from White House Subs in Atlantic City.

A monster Italian sub packed with fresh ingredients, including extra portions of salami, ham, provolone, capicola, and plenty of onions.

It seems The White House is always landing on these lists, but for good reason, this sub is a home run every time. The fresh Atlantic City roll makes it an even better experience, but there is no question, this is a sandwich every New Jersey resident needs to try at least once.

Which local sandwiches should have been on this list? Let us know and we will update the list down the road.

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