What I'm about to share with you is the greatest secret of turkey cooking, ever!

Do you dread sitting down at the Thanksgiving table because you know that no matter what you've done, your family will be digging into a big ol' plateful of dry turkey?

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That's not very appetizing, is it? It happens to everyone. Dry turkey. It's like you can't cover it up with enough gravy, right?

I have found two ways to make a not-dry turkey actually.

The first way is to deep fry the turkey. To do that, you need all the right equipment - like a turkey fryer and the right kind of oil (peanut oil.) You also need a good-size outdoor space, away from anything that might catch fire (like your house!). You also need to know what you're doing or you're just begging for a holiday disaster of epic proportions.

There's actually a better way to cook a nice, moist turkey that your guests will rave about.

It's so simple, and, actually, it sounds kind of silly at first.

Are you ready?

Here it is.

Cook the turkey upside down.

Yep, upside down.

Instead of the breast on the top, flip it with the breast facing down.

Do you know what happens when you do this? All the moisture in the turkey finds it's way to the breast - and stays there.

I tell you, if you do it this way, you will get the moistest turkey you've ever had! Your guests will taste it and the compliments will be flying in your direction.

Your upside-down turkey will stay in people's minds for years to come. "Remember when Violet cooked that turkey on Thanksgiving? It was the best turkey I've ever had."

My other tip, follow the instructions to the letter for how long to cook the turkey. Use a meat thermometer. Don't overcook it. When it gets to the right temperature, pull it out of the oven, cover it with foil and let it set at least 15 minutes before carving. This will give time for the juices to settle.

Again, best turkey ever!

The only word of caution: if you cook the turkey upside down, you're not going to get that golden brown color if you plan on putting the whole bird in the middle of the table for your guests to see before you slice it. I say screw that and slice it in the kitchen - you'll want to win Thanksgiving with the taste, not the show.

Remember, upside down. Cook with the breast down, and watch the temperature. It might actually cook quicker this way, too.

So, how did I discover this? Purely by accident. When I cooked my first turkey many years ago, I screwed up and accidentally made the mistake of putting the turkey in the pan upside down. I'm really glad I made that mistake.

Pass the cranberry sauce, please!

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