Thanksgiving dinner has been stuffed into a hot pocket of dough...literally. Here's where to find it in South Jersey.

It's back! Franco's Place's Thanksgiving-style panzarotti called 'Gobbler'. What's this thing LOOK like? Keep reading.

One of my top three favorite things on planet earth is an Original Tarantini Panzarotti. Now, you may have eaten a pizza turnover, or a half moon of dough filled with cheese, meats, and sauce, and then baked or fried. But none of those are technically a 'panzarotti'. Don't be fooled.

So, what IS a panzarotti?

The real thing is made with a special kind of dough that puckers and bubbles when frying, leaving a crispy golden shell housing mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. And, it's more the size of a big hamburger, not something that fills a giant pizza box. It's way more convenient to eat, you don't need a knife and fork (unless you want to cut it), and it's a reasonable portion.

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I've been eating the OG Tarantini Panzarotti for as long as I can remember. There's nothing quite like it. But, I'm not about messing with what goes inside one. Even though Franco's Place on Haddon Ave. in Westmont fills them all kinds of ways, even Hawaiian style (yuck), I stick with cheese and sauce. So, I still don't know if I'm willing to get behind their Gobbler Panzarotti. Inside the deep-fried pocket is, essentially, Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, gravy, stuffing, and you can have it with or without cranberry sauce.

Now, I'll admit this limited-time creation LOOKS amazing. I'm just not sure how it would TASTE.

I will say this though, getting a bunch of these would be a whole lot easier than cooking a whole Thanksgiving dinner. I never got around to trying one last year, but I think I may this year.

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