Here's a new one: an Absecon man has been arrested following a series of drone-related incidents in the Absecon and Galloway areas.

It all started back on August 13th when police in Abseon received a call from a homeowner on Upland Avenue. The caller reported a suspicious drone hovering over their swimming pool. Apparently the drone dropped a mysterious substance that resulting in the pool's water changing to an "alarming shade of green."

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say similar calls also came into police, including one from the Quality Inn in Galloway Township. Employees say a substance dropped from a drone caused damage to the concrete base of their swimming pool.

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Police say an investigation by Absecon and Gallowa Police, plus New Jersey State Police and the FAA led to the detection of the drone over the Quality Inn on September 1st. The investigation was able to track the zone back to a business: Comfort Solutions Heating an Cooling on the White Horse Pike in Galloway.

With the information in hand, police went to the business and arrested the owner, Patrick Spina 4th. Police say, "has been identified as the individual responsible for the ongoing incidents of criminal mischief. Spina is facing multiple counts of criminal mischief for his involvement in these unlawful acts."

Police say their investigaiton revealed that the substance dropped from the drone was Sea Dye - a substance commonly used by sea rescue services.

Spina, 45, has been released pending a court appearance.

Police are urging any residents that may have fallen victim to such an attack on their pool to contact their local police department:

*For Absecon contact Det. Neal Galletta #857 at (609) 641-0667 ext. 216.

*For Galloway contact DSFC. Jason Kiamos #77 at (609) 652-3705 ext. 331.

Otherwise, contact your local police department for assistance.

SOURCE: Absecon Police Department.

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