It is finally here, the final season of Game of Thrones has begun and fans all over the world were glued to their TVs last night. The fan theories have been popping up all over the internet since the show's beginning, whether or not a season was airing at that particular time. Now that the season has begun, even more theories are being developed.

Last night while I watched the season 8 premiere with my meat pie, lemon cakes, and Game of Thrones wine; I came up with my own theories. If you have not watched episode one please save this article for later. Spoilers ahead.

Really though, click away now if you don't want the episode spoiled.

If you are still reading this, anything that is spoiled for you is your own fault.

Let's begin.

Last night's episode was clearly a set up for the rest of the season, it allowed everyone to get to where they are supposed to be to allow the season to move forward. We got to see the reunions we have been waiting years for including: Bran and Jon, The Hound and Arya, Jon and Arya, Gendry and Arya, Bran and Jaime, etc. That Bran and Jaime reunion was pretty hysterical. Besides all of the reunions, there are a few moments of the show that made me stop and think.

One of the most lighthearted moments of the episode occurred when Jon Snow, I mean Aegon Targaryen, rode a dragon for the first time. We can all assume this will not be his last.

This was a very important moment in the show, no one besides Daenerys has ridden a live dragon before. The idea of the three-headed dragon has been a major plot point of the show. This is shown in the Targaryen sigil. The Mad King had three children, there are three dragons; the number three is very important to the Targaryens.

While everyone is pushing the idea that Tyrion could be the third head/dragon rider, the third head has already been established. Well, at least I think so. We have already seen the third dragon, Viserion, being ridden.

While Jon went on his little joy ride, it hit me. Do the dragon riders need to be a Targaryen? Jon is, Dany is. Does this mean the Night King is in fact a Targaryen? If this is so, Bran cannot be the Night King.

The argument can be made that once Viserion become the ferocious ice dragon all bets were off and the rules no longer apply. The Night King controls the army of the dead, the dragon is now a member of that army.

However, this theory has been made this morning by other articles. The creepy spiral of arms we saw last night with poor little Ned Umber in the center has been seen over and over again. We have seen the Night King and the army of the dead position their victims in this way. Many believed this symbol had to do with the Children of the Forest. On second look, the symbol resembles the Targaryen sigil.

So is the Night King really a Targaryen, Bran, or someone else entirely? I guess we will find out this season.

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