This week on Georgia's 5 Faves, there's a little bit of everything!  Food, books, movies and makeup!

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    PB Fingers

    PB Fingers is a great website for fitness, food and fashion tips.  The author of the blog seems like such a down-to-Earth girl who really gets the most from life.  And she just became a mommy for the first time a few months ago! Her recipes are healthy and easy for the everyday cook, her workouts are great and I love her "Things I'm Loving Friday" posts.  Check out the blog if you get a chance!

    pbfingers via Instagram
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    Estee Lauder Praline Paradise Lip Gloss

    I received this lip gloss in a gift with purchase bag a while back, but I have (what seems like) a never ending supply of lip gloss, so it kind of got lost in the shuffle...  But I'm glad I found it!  The color is really light and flattering and shimmery.  I feel like anyone could wear this color - it would totally work on any skin color, but it definitely looks great with a bit of a tan...

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    The Glass Castle: A Memoir

    This was the latest selection in my book club - 'The Glass Castle: A Memoir.  I cannot believe that this is a true story...  The parents in this book make me want to scream!  They are loving and hateful and stupid all at the same time...  It's a short book and a definite read if you haven't already.  I just couldn't get over the way this poor woman was raised...  I won't spoil anything for you if you haven't read it...

    Scribner Books
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    Trader Joe's Nutty Bits

    I made the long trek to Trader Joe's a few weeks ago, so I have a lot of fun products that I will be highlighting here on Georgia's 5 Faves!  These little nutty bites are super delicious!  I'm a sucker for anything with nuts and dark chocolate...  These bits are crunchy and sweet and salty and yummy.

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    Beachfront Bargain Hunt

    I'm addicted to Beachfront Bargain Hunt on HGTV.  It's the new House Hunters... for shore houses!  And on the weekends, there will be marathons that go on for hours and hours.  I have no shame about sitting on my couch for 6 hours to watch everyday families find the shore house of their dreams under budget!

    Think Stock