This week's edition of Georgia's 5 Faves is totally random.  And I may be the last person on Earth to see 'Frozen...'


1.  Hell or High Watermelon Beer -


This beer is perfect for the warm weather!  It's a wheat beer made with watermelon, so it's super fresh and crisp.  For those people that don't like beer, this might be the beer to change your mind!  Oh and this brewery will be at America On Tap Saturday ;)


2.  Justin's Almond Butter -

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I just picked up these cute little snack packs of Justin's almond butter the other day from Target.  They range from about 180 calories to 190 calories per little squeeze bag.  Perfect for two servings.   I keep them in my drawer at work for those late afternoon tummy growls.  Perfect with a caramel rice cake!  Vanilla is my current favorite.


3. Super cute baby shower favor -

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My friend Natalie is so creative!  She just had a beautiful baby girl named Victoria Elizabeth few weeks ago.  But before that, she had a sweet baby shower and this was the favor for those of us who attended.  Natalie's a teacher, so she's very crafty.  She made the cute bookmarks with a different quote on each one and paired them with a small bottle of Essie's nail polish in Ballet Slippers.  It's the perfect shade a pale pink for a sweet baby girl.  Creative, smart and convenient.  Thanks Nat!


4.  Frozen -

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Tell me I'm not the last person left on Earth who had not seen this movie??  Please?  Anyway, my mother-in-law wanted to do nothing else on Mother's Day except eat McDonald's and watch this movie.  So that's exactly what we did.  And it was wonderful!


5.  Life Below Zero -

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God Bless these people...  I could never do what they do on a daily basis just to survive.  'Life Below Zero' is a reality show about a few families living in the middle of nowhere Alaska.  From bears to caribou to fish to deadly cold and snow...  I really don't know how they do it...  And that makes it so compelling to watch!

And that's Georgia's 5 Faves for the week!  Stay tuned for next week... Who knows what I will get into in the next 7 days...