I'm always on the look for the next great eye cream... A cream to de-puff, to help wrinkles, etc.  And this week on Georgia's 5 Faves, I've discovered a miracle.


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    Dog Tooth Bar & Grill

    Before I get to the miracle eye cream I discovered this week, let's talk food!  My husband and I literally stumbled upon this fantastic restaurant in Wildwood this past weekend.  We were in search of some food on Sunday, just as the Wildwood Half Marathon was finishing up...  So, after navigating road closures and some construction, we found ourselves at the doorstep of the Dog Tooth.  The atmosphere is cool and comfortable.  The drinks are great.  The food is fantastic.  I had a cheeseburger and my husband had the grouper sandwich.  He won.  The burger was awesome, but that grouper sandwich was unbelievable.  I took my parents to the Dog Tooth two nights later.  I'm thinking about going back tonight.  Not a joke.  This place is the bees knees.

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    Wayward Pines

    THIS SHOW!!  Ok, so this is a brand new show on FOX - it debuted last week - and it's directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  (The Sixth Sense,  Signs, The Village, etc).  It's creepy and eerie in the best way.  If you missed it last week, then tune in to FOX tonight at 9pm.

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    The Impulsive Buy

    I just discovered this fun website.  The Impulsive Buy posts fun and new products they find in grocery stores, Target, Walmart, etc.  They also do reviews of new products and fast food stuff.  It's kind of a cool website for those that love finding new food products!  (Like me...)

    Think Stock
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    Snyder's Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzels

    These pretzel pieces are an oldie, but a goodie in my household.  I love that they're in pieces - I have fairly sensitive teeth and these hard sourdough pretzel pieces are easier to eat than a whole pretzel for me.  And the honey mustard and onion flavor is yummy.  Just maybe make sure your honey eats some with you.  Ya know, to cancel out your breath.  ;)

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    Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

    Here it is.  It's a miracle.  Seriously.  I got this little tube of magic as a sample recently and I've already purchased a full-size tube.  I have had super busy week and I haven't gotten a lot of sleep, so my eyes are puffy, dark and slouchy.  I always use Clinique's All About Eyes religiously every morning - that helps the puffiness.  However, the dark circles are always a problem.  I don't like to use a heavy concealer under my eyes because I think it accentuates the wrinkles and slouchiness...  This cream is a light concealer, but it also instantly brightens up your skin.  Like really instantly.  The minute I put the cream under my eyes, everything brightened up!  Instantly, I don't look quite as tired.  Brilliant.