You read that right.

If you love chills and thrills, this contest is definitely for you. Did you have a countdown on your phone for the release of the new 'It' movie? If so, you'll want in on this new contest is hosting.

Now, I'm not sure if there's a catch involved, but the information out right now paints the picture as something awesome if you're a fan of horror movies. Basically, is setting you up with the ultimate scary movie-watching kit complete with a blanket and popcorn. They want you to watch thirteen Stephen King movies while they monitor your physical responses via a FitBit (which they will also provide). If chosen, it sounds like you'll watch the movies and basically just blog (or something similar) about your experience.

After you've completed the project, you'll receive a whopping $1300 bucks for your scares. Not a bad way to score some change, right? Obviously, if you hate getting scared, I'd recommend steering clear of this one. Especially since you'll also be receiving a movie gift card to go see a new scary movie in theaters.

Sounds like a super fun way to get yourself into the Halloween spirit.

I'm totally entering..


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