The remake of the film adaptation based on Stephen King's novel, 'It', has finally released a trailer for the next installment!

If you're familiar with the original version starring Tim Curry as 'Pennywise the Dancing Clown', then you know that part one was about the Losers Club's initial battle with Pennywise as he preys on the children of Derry. The remake is modeled the same, with the first film focusing on the Losers Club's childhood. The next installment features the Pennywise's return to Derry. With his return, the Losers Club must honor the pact they made to come back to their hometown to finish what they started. They must end Pennywise forever.

The new trailer features Jessica Chastain as 'Beverly Marsh'. Beverly returns not only to Derry, but to her childhood home where her father used to abuse her. Why would she return? Who knows? Check out the trailer the film shared to Facebook below:

'It: Chapter Two' hits theaters this September!

Source: Facebook

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