Not that this new information comes as a shock, but many people are still concerned about the spread of germs when they venture out to grocery shop.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do everything, including gathering our household and kitchen must-haves. Obviously, you would think people would remain on high-alert and attentive to their habits while out and about, but seeing people even neglecting to wear their masks correctly give many people cause for concern.

A new survey published by C & R Research shows that 60% of people are still nervous about the spread of germs in grocery stores. Can you blame them? That's why most people try to get in and out these days when food shopping for their families. Perusing the grocery store aisles will most likely not be a past-time of the "new normal", even when the coronavirus is in our rearviews.

Because of the increased fear of spreading the coronavirus, more and more people are reverting back to eating a lot more processed food than they have in recent years. In fact, the survey showed that 50% of people have bought more processed food than they have in the recent past.

The majority of the public seems to be in agreement, though, that mandates should be in place that will continue to ensure the health and safety of grocery shoppers even after the social distancing rules are lightened. Also, 89% of people are in favor of grocery stores limiting the amount of items one can purchase at one time.

All of these concerns will be addressed as each state returns to some sort of normal. Hopefully, whatever decisions are made will put the public first before the dollar sign.

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