Everybody has tough days now and then: The alarm clock goes off just a little too early, the weather sucks, the workday drags on, etc. etc. Thank goodness for country music, right? These happy country songs will get you right where you need to be.

Country artists know how to do heartbreak, but they also know how to do happy. Just as you'll find hours worth of country songs for when you ned to wallow a little bit, you'll also find plenty for when you're ready to snap out of it, already! and get back to enjoying life.

When you're ready for a pick-me-up, hit play on the songs below. We know they'll get you smiling.

  • "Toes"

    Zac Brown Band

    Zac Brown Band's "Toes" is guaranteed to make you feel good from the first strums of that acoustic guitar. While the song starts out in paradise, by the end, its lyrics are pointing out that there really is no paradise like home. Even if you're as far from a tropical vacation as can be, close your eyes and pretend you've got your toes in the water ... We guarantee you'll be singing "Adios and vaya con dios!" with all your might by that first chorus.

  • "House Party"

    Sam Hunt

    If you wanna be a homebody -- fine, this song's gonna make you smile anyway. A No. 1 single from Hunt's debut album, 2014's Montevallo, "House Party" is a mini-house party in three minutes and 10 seconds. Turn it up, throw a T-shirt over the lampshade ... and just remember to move the furniture back when you're done.

  • "Simple"

    Florida Georgia Line

    Florida Georgia Line's 2017 single is S-I-M-P-L-E, simple as can be, but that doesn't mean it won't make you smile. The upbeat, folk-tinged love song reminds listeners that "all we need as love," even in a day and age when social media can make all of the world's problems seem overwhelming.

  • "Girl"

    Maren Morris

    Morris' 2019 single "Girl" is an anthem. It's a reminder of your own strength and power, and that you don't need to be comparing yourself to others or tearing them down to make yourself better. "I don't wanna wear your crown," sings Morris. "There's enough to go around." We dare you not to be all like, "YES, MAREN, PREACH!" by the end of the chorus!

  • "Days of Gold"

    Jake Owen

    "Yeah, it's a Southern summer / Whiskey's in the air, dogs on the burner / Beer's ice cold, got a pretty little lady to hold ..." "Days of Gold" will always put you in a sunshine-y mood, with its talk of "good times for miles" and simply rockin' chorus, courtesy of the Cadillac Three's Jaren Johnston and Neil Mason. While it was Owen's version of the song that landed on country radio, TC3's version is also pretty dang great.

  • "Chattahoochee"

    Alan Jackson

    Just saying the word "Chattahoochee" makes us smile. Beyond its funny name, however, this Jackson classic is full-on '90s country goodness: prominent fiddle, plenty of twang and an accompanying music video that features the now-country legend, inexplicably, water-skiing in blue jeans and cowboy boots. We dance along every. dang. time.

  • "Boot Scootin' Boogie"

    Brooks & Dunn

    Much like "Chattahoochee," Brooks & Dunn's "Boot Scootin' Boogie" is a practically perfect '90s country song. The duo's fourth consecutive No. 1 single was originally recorded by Asleep at the Wheel, but we're partial to Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn's version. Dunn more than proves his prowess as a vocalist on this one, hitting those high notes with ease.

  • "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"

    Shania Twain

    Let's go, girls! Twain's ubiquitous mega-hit isn't just the perfect soundtrack for a girls' night out; it's also a great fit for any time you need a quick pick me up. Sure, it's a shout-out to the ladies, but male or female, it's gonna put a smile on your face.

  • "Days Go By"

    Keith Urban

    There's just something about this early Urban hit -- maybe it's that mandolin line? "Days Go By" is a feel-good track, but it's got an important message: "Days go by / I can feel 'em flyin'," sings Urban. "Yeah, it's all we've been given / So you better start livin' right now."

  • "I Like It, I Love It"

    Tim McGraw

    The NHL's Nashville Predators use this McGraw hit as their goal celebration song. If that's not proof that hearing it will make you feel good, we don't know what is. The easy-to-sing chorus -- "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it" -- helps, too.

  • "Me and My Gang"

    Rascal Flatts

    Heck yeah, we wanna hang with Rascal Flatts and their gang! A decade after its release, this song is a prime example of mid-2000s pop-country; although it contains a couple dated references (does anyone use iPods anymore?), it'll make you thankful for good friends and good times.

  • "This Kiss"

    Faith Hill

    "This Kiss" is one of Hill's biggest hits, and is it any wonder? Its sweet, country-but-pop melody is a smile-inducer. The platinum-certified single was a country No. 1 -- and the No. 3 country song for the entire year of 1998 -- as well as an adult contemporary Top 5 and a Top 20 song on the Adult Top 40 and Mainstream Top 40 charts.

  • "Honey Bee"

    Blake Shelton

    This Shelton song is still a favorite whether you've found the honeysuckle to your honeybee or not. Pardon the pun, but with its bright guitars and jangly melody, it's as sweet as can bee.

  • "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems"

    Kenny Chesney

    Blues ... What blues? Hey, you'll certainly forget 'em listening to this Chesney track. The president of No Shoes Nation has mastered the art of feel-good tuneage, and this 2003 Top 5 hit might just be the best of 'em all.

  • "Mountain Music"


    "Mountain Music" makes us smile for multiple reasons. First off, it's Ala-freakin'-bama, and you just can't beat that. Second, near the end of the song, there's a great reminder of what music's all about: "Play some back-home, come-on music / That comes from the heart / Play somethin' with lots of feeling / 'Cause that's where music has to start."


  • "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)"

    Dierks Bentley

    With its acoustic guitar- and banjo-driven melody, "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)" makes "living life like a Sunday stroll" sound darn good. Country music fans agreed, too: The song was a No. 1 hit following its release in 2007.

  • "It Happens"


    Jennifer Nettles couldn't sound happier on the chorus, and the hook goes "[The] irrefutable, indisputable fact is / Pssssh ... it happens!" Do we really need to say anything more?

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