Do you tend to have vivid nightmares? Maybe they are so vivid, you wake up in a cold sweat. Doctors may have the answer for you. The temperature of your room may hold the key to stopping your nightmares.

You may want to turn down that heater or turn up the AC if your dreams wake you up in the middle of the night. Sleeping in a hot room can induce more vivid dreams and if you are prone to nightmares, that hot room can make them worse according to experts.

According to the medical director at New York Neurology and Sleep Medicine, Dr. Allen Towfigh:

If it's too warm, you may end up having a greater amount of what's called R.E.M. sleep, which is the part of sleep when you're having a lot of dreaming occur. If you're having more R.E.M. sleep, one could imagine that you're going to have more nightmares—if you're prone to getting those.

So, what is the ideal temperature for sleeping? Dr. Neil Stanley, former chairman of the British Sleep Society, says that the ideal sleeping environment is between 61 and 64 degrees.


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