Have you awakened dazed and confused from a dream that felt so real? Why do we experience these vivid thoughts, images, and feelings? Do they mean something? The most common form of dream is visual imagery. You may feel strong emotions after a vivid dream. The most intense dreams happen during the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of sleep. While some experts believe dreams interpret your reality others say they have no purpose or meaning at all. Some of the most common dreams are about falling, being chased, and even being naked in public.
Although the study and research of dreams are advancing every day, there is much left to uncover. Our dreams may be involuntary and incoherent. You may feel strong emotions after a vivid dream.
Sleep experts at The National Library of Medicine explain that the purpose of sleep helps build memory, process emotions, replay recent events, or your brain's way of removing unnecessary information.
Although your everyday life can affect your dreams, some experts say dreams do not interpret your everyday life. Of course, many say dreams can have 'hidden meanings' about your reality. People who interpret their dreams keep track by journaling and reflecting the morning after.
Here are nine interpretations of the most common dreams. Take this quiz to learn more about what your dreams may mean!
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