Friday is right around the corner, which means LUKE BRYAN will be Crashing Our Party at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall, Shakin' It for YOU and Me!  We want you there, so if you're still trying to figure out how to snag a pair of tickets, we have a way....

Join Cat Country Mornings with Joe and Rachel Tuesday morning to play HIGH/LOW. They'll pick a number, and you take a guess. If you're caller number 7, you'll guess the correct number and if it's right, you win the tickets! If you don't, then they'll tell you if your number was high or low. From there, it'll narrow in on the selected number and the first person to guess correctly will win a pair of Luke Bryan tickets!

What's the trick? You must listen ALL morning starting at 6am. That way, you'll hear all of the guesses, you can write them down, and eventually get closer to the right number without repeating guesses. We'll play every hour until 10am. If no-one guesses correctly, we'll carry the game into Wednesday because someone MUST win!

GOOD LUKE.... I mean, luck!

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