There are certain things you can do to be a more courteous co-worker when it comes to using an office bathroom.

Are you a considerate co-worker? Do you make the bathroom experience a little bit better for everyone? If you are unsure check out these tips and rules for using the bathroom at work.

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    Let's start this with a rhyme.

    I saw on a bathroom stall once, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be a sweetie and wipe the seatie." It's just common courtesy.

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    Men, put the toilet seat down.

    If your job has unisex bathrooms please be kind and put the seat down. Yes, it is nice of you to put the seat up so you don't make a mess of the toilet seat and have to refer to #1. However, when you are done just put the stupid seat down. I shouldn't have to touch the toilet seat because you couldn't take two seconds to put it back down.

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    Refill the toilet paper.

    There is nothing worse than going to the bathroom, doing your business, and then notice there is no toilet paper. Should you have checked before you went to make sure there was toilet paper? Yes, but emergencies happen. If your place of work has the toilet paper stocked in the bathroom, but it is not right next to the toilet, grab a roll or two and put them near the toilet. If not, go to where the toilet paper is stocked and refill the bathroom. Your co-workers will thank you.

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    Place toilet paper in the toilet if you have to do number 2.

    I honestly don't remember where I learned this trick, but I read it somewhere online. If you don't want all of your co-workers to know what you are doing in the bathroom and want to mask the sound of the splash this will help you out. Before you do your business lay a few pieces of toilet paper in the toilet. This will prevent the inevitable splashing noise.

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    Do a courtesy flush.

    Ah the courtesy flush. If you do have to do number 2 flush right after you do the deed. This will help get rid of the evidence by getting rid of most of the smell immediately. After you do the courtesy flush you can proceed with your normal bathroom routine, then flush again. No one will know what happened.

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    Use a pre-bathroom spray or air freshener.

    Courtesy flush not enough? There are so many different companies that make a spray that you use before you go to the bathroom to mask the smell. You could also just spritz a little air freshener.

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    Dry your hands before you open the door.

    At least you washed your hands, but please dry them too. I don't know why it's so gross to touch a wet handle, even though it means you washed your hands. Just take a few moments to dry them off.

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    The bathroom is not a social club.

    If you need to have a conversation with a co-worker do it outside of the bathroom. Leave everyone to do their business in peace.

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    Wash your hands!

    Yes, this required the use of an exclamation point. Seriously, wash your hands please.

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    Do not throw foreign objects in the toilet.

    Nobody wants to unclog a toilet at work. With that in mind please keep the contents of the toilet limited to your business and toilet paper. Yes, ladies this is mostly directed at you.

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